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Our direction is changing.

As you may know Web Zen Design (formally Shadowfax Communications) went through a serious and critical soul search last September when a fire destroyed our office and some legacy hardware. The information below is intended to show you where we are going, and how this will imrpove your experience working with my team and I.

Data is everything.

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” – Daniel Keys Moran, Programmer and science fiction writer

Our businesses, micro, small, medium or huge generate more data than we can deal with. I am a single person company, a consultant really, and my business generates more data than I alone can measure (should I care to collect it all).

What I do

I am taking my client's data, analysing it and giving them back useful and practical action items to improve their business. Action items based on real data, their data, not gut feelings or assumptions.